Feb. 22nd, 2013

Weigh in!

Feb. 22nd, 2013 07:14 am
ladyjendifi: (Bike)
Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 180.6
Current weight: 175.0
This week's loss: -5.6
Total loss: 53.6

STG: 170

I checked it four times, because I didn't believe it. I knew I had lost weight this week, and I was feeling pretty good about the weigh in, but dang!

This week has been an exercise in how to eat out and over at others' homes, in and around social engagements. Guess I succeeded. There was veggie sushi, pho, veggie chili at A and F's place, and then last night. Last night I went to spin class at the gym because it rained and I couldn't commute. In between work and the gym I looked in my fridge for a quick snack and snagged most of a pack of crimini mushrooms. This, incidentally, might have been the moment I realized how far from 'normal' my diet has become, that raw dry mushrooms were a delicious snack. Anyway, after spin I was off to burner costume/craft night, and swung by home to pick up yarn and grab something to eat. All my popcorn research paid off, because I was able to pop some really quickly, and add some agave nectar to it to make it 'kettle corn' (video coming soon to a youtube channel near you) and boost the calorie content a bit. I also snagged an apple. Fast food at its tastiest.

As far as slip-ups, I don't think there were any this week. Alcohol is still being consumed, but as always, my standing rule with booze is that if I'm still losing weight (and not in training for a specific event) then moderate consumption is fine.
My body is going through another shape change, this time around my middle (as opposed to last time there was a big shift after Burning Man, where all the weight seemed to shed from my upper body and face). I was crocheting last night at craft night and looked down at my middle and realized there was....less of me. I had room for more yarn in my lap. heh. It was just weird, because its not how I've looked, EVER, as an adult. My size 14 jeans are starting to become too large, and when I put my hands on my hips I'm not nearly as...squishy. ;) This dysmorphic thing is such a trip.
And just because I haven't done it in a while, here's some PICZ OF FUD OMG111!!!!!!!!!

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