Apr. 2nd, 2014 07:25 am
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April 1st has come and gone. I'd forgotten that it was the two anniversary of my diet change. While I only lost about 10 pounds this year, I've lost a lot of inches, rode two centuries, sustained a healthy cholesterol, and maintained 70 pounds of weight loss. The fact that I didn't remember yesterday just goes to show what an integrated part of my life eating a whole foods, plant based diet has become. I encourage anyone who wants to lose weight healthfully, manage heart disease, prevent cancer, have the most efficient athletic training, and/or simply improve the quality of their life cheaply without the help of drugs, surgery, or nutrition supplements, to check out this way of eating.


Apr. 1st, 2013 11:31 am
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 photo WeightLoss1Year_zps7b09ccea.jpg

It's been a year since I started this whole foods, plant based experiment in earnest.
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My heart is full of gratitude. Beyond being healthy, happy, and being closer to the weight I'd like to be, I feel empowered by this experience. It was and continues to be a powerful lesson in the ability to manifest one's own reality, to take control of outcomes, and live an actualized life. And if any of that rubs off even a little bit on others, then I feel like perhaps I've left the earth a little better than I found it.

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Weigh in!

Mar. 29th, 2013 07:23 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 174.0
Current weight: 170.4
This week's loss: -3.6
Total loss: 58.4

STG: 170 (a loss of 58.8) ACHIEVED OR CLOSE ENOUGH OMG

Third short term weight loss goal achieved!

My year anniversary of being on a Whole Foods Plant Based diet is on Sunday, and I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning, so more and pictures later!


Weigh in!

Feb. 22nd, 2013 07:14 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 180.6
Current weight: 175.0
This week's loss: -5.6
Total loss: 53.6

STG: 170

I checked it four times, because I didn't believe it. I knew I had lost weight this week, and I was feeling pretty good about the weigh in, but dang!

This week has been an exercise in how to eat out and over at others' homes, in and around social engagements. Guess I succeeded. There was veggie sushi, pho, veggie chili at A and F's place, and then last night. Last night I went to spin class at the gym because it rained and I couldn't commute. In between work and the gym I looked in my fridge for a quick snack and snagged most of a pack of crimini mushrooms. This, incidentally, might have been the moment I realized how far from 'normal' my diet has become, that raw dry mushrooms were a delicious snack. Anyway, after spin I was off to burner costume/craft night, and swung by home to pick up yarn and grab something to eat. All my popcorn research paid off, because I was able to pop some really quickly, and add some agave nectar to it to make it 'kettle corn' (video coming soon to a youtube channel near you) and boost the calorie content a bit. I also snagged an apple. Fast food at its tastiest.

As far as slip-ups, I don't think there were any this week. Alcohol is still being consumed, but as always, my standing rule with booze is that if I'm still losing weight (and not in training for a specific event) then moderate consumption is fine.
My body is going through another shape change, this time around my middle (as opposed to last time there was a big shift after Burning Man, where all the weight seemed to shed from my upper body and face). I was crocheting last night at craft night and looked down at my middle and realized there was....less of me. I had room for more yarn in my lap. heh. It was just weird, because its not how I've looked, EVER, as an adult. My size 14 jeans are starting to become too large, and when I put my hands on my hips I'm not nearly as...squishy. ;) This dysmorphic thing is such a trip.
And just because I haven't done it in a while, here's some PICZ OF FUD OMG111!!!!!!!!!

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Weigh in!

Jan. 25th, 2013 06:22 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 183.2
Current weight: 180.8
This week's loss: -2.4
Total loss: 48.0
STG: 170

Sweet! Food was entirely on track this week; I think I scored 100% as far as that's concerned. I even got out of a Tuesday night burner meetup consuming no alcohol and no fried foods. Huzzah! When the family news came in Monday, I was very tempted to walk down to Whole Foods and get supplies to make cookies. Instead I blended frozen mangoes with soy milk and had a small helping of 'ice cream'. Its really nice to be in a place where I can recognize stress eating for what it is, and take steps not to fall in that trap. 

My ass got smaller this week. I know that sound
bizarre, but its true. I was taking off some pants when suddenly I felt....less of me. This is such a trip sometimes

Training for the century has proven a tad bumpier than I would like. I got a professional bike fit on Monday, and when they swiped my credit card it didn't go through. They held my bike hostage until the next day when I was able to borrow some money to get that taken care of. I rode in to work Wednesday without incident but got a flat coming home. :( Got the flat fixed yesterday after work, and now its raining. I'm thinking about riding in anyhow; we'll see how I feel after breakfast

I really want to do this century, but in light of this week's events, I'm feel less than confident. Hopefully I can just power through and make the next two weeks really count....and make this tube last until payday when I can get gator skins for my tires. Stupid hobo village with glass strewn everywhere.

Weigh in!

Nov. 30th, 2012 06:14 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 183.2
Current weight: 187.2
This week's loss: +4.0
Total loss: 41.6
STG:  170

It doesn't make sense. Over the last two weeks I've definitely lost inches and went down another pant size. Sigh. This better not ruin my linear progression and the spectacular R-squared value on my graph. 

I'm sure it will be back on track next week. It's just weird. 
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Last night, I had the opportunity to meet the Happy Herbivore herself, Lindsay S. Nixon, at a meetup at Casa de Luz in North Park. She and her husband were so laid back and cool, and it was so nice to be in a group of people at a restaurant and feel like I didn't have to apologize, defend, or explain my food choices. I found it really empowering to hear her talk about being able to stay on track with food through world travels. Very inspiring. Also inspiring was all the non-food talk. I met some cool peeps with whom I might be able to hang out with in the future, so that's also a bonus. Yay new and interest-diverse local social circles! 

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Its really not fair. She was making me laugh so hard in this photo. 

I was too shy to discuss it at the dinner table with everyone else, but I wrote her an email when I got home thanking her for being a big part of my ability to figure out this way of eating, and how it has facilitated so much positive change in my life. She had emailed me back by 7 this morning and asked me if I would be interested in being interviewed for her website (she has a 'herbie of the week' column on her blog)!!! Its hard to describe how excited I was this morning. No one really 'gets' it, but this is a really big deal to me...being able to be actively engage in this community, and share with folks how much this whole thing has changed me for the better. 

Enough to Trader Joe's for the rest of my ingredients, then its time for some holiday cookin'! 

After two test pies, I think I understand what I have to do in order to make pie#3 a success. I hope I hope....

week 41

Nov. 16th, 2012 07:05 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 185.6
Current weight: 183.2
This week's loss: -2.4
Total loss: 45.6
STG:  170 by whenever (sophomore-in-high-school weight)

Whoo-Hoo! Feeling much better about this plateau being over. 

I took the fruit out of my oatmeal in the morning and doubled the portion size- so I'm still feeling full, but eating lower calorie density foods. 

I have a plan for Thanksgiving. This plan is making me feel empowered. Stuffed acorn squash, dijion-herbed green beans, potatoes, and veggie stuffing. Jeremy is making the potatoes and stuffing.  For desert, I am going to attempt a no-added fat apple pie. Having never baked a pie, I am excited and a little anxious as to how that will turn out. 

Copious pictures to come. :) 

Week 40

Nov. 9th, 2012 06:39 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 190:0
Current weight: 185:6
This week's loss: -4.4
Total loss: 43.2
STG: 185 by whenever (Goal Achieved!)
New goal: 170 by whenever (this new goal will put me at my sophomore-in-high-school weight)

I've hit my second short term goal! And you know what that means....

Progress pics )

Hopefully this means the two month plateau has permanently kicked the bucket.

Still riding a lot, and improving my skills, and feeling more at home in the saddle all the time.

Week 37

Oct. 19th, 2012 08:15 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 189.8
Current weight: 189.0
This week's loss: -0.8
Total loss: 39.8
STG: 185 by whenever

So, yeah. Losing, but the same weight I gained last week, and not all of it. I'm telling you, there's something about the bike commute that makes my body not want to give up the weight. On the day after I didn't exercise, I weighed in a full two pounds lower than today. I know everyone hits plateaus, but this is very frustrating. 

In researching what might be going on, I have been looking up stuff on the Dr. McDougall forums. His plan for weight loss includes, not only the elimination of the stuff I'm already not eating, but also limiting flour and servings of fruit. This is based on the princliple of eating things lower in caloric density to lose weight. I really wasn't eating that many flour-products, but I did switch out my whole wheat pita for a microwavable potato at lunch time (it travels better in the backpack, anyhow). I do eat a lot of fruit: berries in the oatmeal at breakfast, an apple for a post-ride snack, and usually some either with dinner or in my salad dresing. So....I can make dressing with other things instead. Not sure I'm willing to take the berries out of oatmeal, and I don't know what could replace that apple. It's sounds nit-picky, but tiny changes like this do make a difference. When I stopped eating .25 cup of walnuts everyday I lost 10 pounds. I lost another 10 when I stopped putting honey in my tea in the morning. That's another thing...probably going to have to give up caffienated teas. Sigh.
Training went all right this week. I'm doing it. Ride is tomorrow w00t! 

Should I workout today or no? Thinking about spin class....

week 36

Oct. 12th, 2012 07:03 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 188.8
Current weight: 189.8
This week's loss: +1.0
Total loss: 39.0
STG: 185 by whenever

Grr. Argh. 

I've been biking a lot, and for some reason that's made my body not want to shed the weight. I was on track food-wise: the cutting back on beer was a success at both the burner meetup and when Tru came over to hang out Wednesday night. I plan to drink very little, if at all, this weekend. It's frustrating, but I know its just a function of messing with my activity levels and still dialing in how to calorically compensate. 

Today I'm taking a day off from work, because a) I have to, and b) I'm so bored at work right now I want to cry. Its raining here today, so I'm going to try to hit spin class at the gym at 9:30. Then I'm going to drop those prints off at the framers, get a hook and rod for that tapestry I want to hang, come home and nest a little bit. Tonight: [ profile] gingersnapps comes to town. YAY!

week 35

Oct. 5th, 2012 05:40 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 189.6
Current weight: 188.8
This week's loss: -0.8
Total loss: 40.0
STG: 185 by whenever


Not bad considering my trip to Austin. I didn't go much off the rails, but I did eat a lot of oilier things, and drink lots of beer (duh). All the socializing may be slowing my progress, but I never want to put this weight loss thing above spending quality time with people I love. The trick is how to do that without drinking so much. Maybe its time to go from two beers at Tuesday night meetup to one, and not drink at all on Fire Friday. I keep telling myself I'd like to dry out for a few months, but Halloween is in a few weeks, then the holidays. Maybe I'll just be a sucker and wait until January like everyone else. 

Only 3.8  pounds from my second short term goal! That's kind of cool. 

Week 34

Sep. 28th, 2012 06:31 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 190.2
Current weight: 189.6
This week's loss: -0.6
Total loss: 39.2
STG: 185 by whenever

Color me frustrated. While the number isn't what's important, I was really looking forward to officially hitting that 40lb mark before Austin (since I've been saying I've been there since BM). 
And I want my bike back now, dammit! I'll be able to afford bail for her on Monday. All the drinking and eating out does not help; that should calm down after this weekend. 

As an aside: if you've never put apples, cinnamon, and vanilla extract in oatmeal, you're missing out; apple pie oatmeal is the sizzle. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Week 31

Sep. 7th, 2012 06:39 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 192.4
Current weight: 193.2
This week's loss: +0.8
Total loss: 35.4
STG: 185 by whenever

Considering I went completely off plan and drank A LOT every day for the last 10 days, I will gladly accept this weigh in. I'm convinced that it will melt away once I start cooking my own food again. 

OMG cooking my own food again feels so freaking decadent and satisfying. 

week 29

Aug. 24th, 2012 06:50 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 195.4
Current weight: 192.4
This week's loss: -3.0
Total loss: 36.4
STG: 185 by whenever

And....I started my period, like, three hours ago. Booya suckas.

Last night I spent about four hours prepping plant strong food for Burning Man. Pretty sure I bought food for about four people.
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I miss making figures.

Week 21

Aug. 17th, 2012 06:38 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 197.2
Current weight: 195.4
This week's loss: - 1.8
Total loss: 33.4
STG: 185 by whenever

So, the scale lied. :p Yesterday I was 193.3. Oh well; its still a good, respectable loss. 

Weird 'side effects' of eating this way:
- My near constant dandruff is gone, even though I'm sweating more and generally washing my hair less. 
- My smell has changed. Before, my skin had a vaugely chlorine-y smell, almost like I had just gotten out of a pool. It wasn't bad,    just...distinct. That is gone. 
- My skin is noticably softer, even though I haven't changed beauty products. 

I am at the point in this process where I'm starting to get concerned about 'extra skin': that thing that happens to people who drop a lot of weight. If I had the money, now would be a perfect time to start my yoga practice back up and get to toning. Sigh. Yoga is just so much better in a group, at least for me. At any rate, after Burning Man, I'll probably be ready to move to the next jean size down...which I'm pretty sure I haven't worn since I was 19. 

Week 8

May. 18th, 2012 06:20 am
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Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 211.4
Current weight: 206.6
This week's loss:  -4.8
Total loss: 22.0
STG: 200 by Flipside

Oh yeah. Flawless victory. 

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For those who don't know I've been working toward a weight loss goal. Overall I'm looking at trying to loose about 100 pounds from where I originally started; I'm about 30 pounds down right now.

ps (sorry my bathroom is such a mess lol)

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