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Wednesday night I played "get ahead with the homework: I did my biology lab (due yesterday) and my Biology lecture assignment (due Monday). I also formatted a powerpoint slide for bio lab (due yesterday) and did my chem lab assignment (due Tuesday). I saved my chem reading and homework (due today) for yesterday.

Thursday rolls around and I forgot to bring my COMPLETED biology assignment with me to class. I also couldn't complete my part of the group project since neither the computers in the Natural Science and Mathematics Computer Lab, nor the ones in the University Library, had the software I needed in order to complete said assignment. Then today, I was late to Chem lecture by (no hyperbole) 1 minute and was unable to turn in my completed homework because of said tardiness. I also didn't read last night because of the season premier of LOST and having everyone over, and of course we had a quiz today on the reading. It's not the university's fault for not having the software; I should have checked first. It's certainly not the professor's fault; his rules were made clear on the first day of class.

It's my fault. There is no one to blame but me. (and maybe JJ Abrams)

This is unsat, and has been a problem for my entire academic career. When I was in 5th grade I forgot my completed homework assignments so much that my teacher punished me with detention and sentences. I left those at home the day I was supposed to turn them in, too lol. It's not that I didn't do the assigned work--its just that I would leave it at home. I'm just air headed like that, I suppose.

I have to figure out how to stay on top of all my various assignments and their schedules; how to wake up early with enough time to eat, shower, and to ride to school; how to remember to shove all my necessary crap for that day' classes into my backpack....

These are skills I should have had a long time ago, but there's no sense in beating myself up over it. Just do better and be better next time.
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This is one of those papers where it's either really good or really dumb; I went a little out of my comfort zone because my professor seems to encourage creative interpretation. Hopefully she'll dig it. While I don't feel like its my best work it will do. 

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First math test
Originally uploaded by ladyjendifi.
Well, not exactly an ace in the hole, but far from the fate I had imagined in my darkest moments.

Remember kids! Six hours in the math lab and you too can get a 93%! hehe.
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.....so I'm not as happy with finishing this paper as I should be. Considering, though, that I went through about four good-size drafts and a huge mental block, I'm just happy I was able to squeeze it out. It's all down hill from here.

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******** I think this paper is pretty terrible but it's done and there's a revision option next week*******

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Like Lost? Like Carl Jung? Read This!

A Jungian Analysis of White Rabbit, an Episode from Lost

Not my best work, but a fun topic )

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Please listen to this:
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I was going to post this huge ramble about my week, but I thought I'd spare you and just share some pictures from my tide pool field trip!

The trip was out to Dana Point Harbor, pretty much my favorite spot in the whole wide world. I thought that going there with about 50 students during the day might kill the magic for me. While the place was lacking its usual magical quality, there was a certain magic in seeing all these organisms and being able to scientifically categorize them.

It was a pretty, chilly, stormy, 46 degrees with wind chill kinda day out at the harbor. We went out there on that day at that time because it was neap tide, the lowest of the low tides for that month.
Sea creatures! )

Not bad, especially when you factor in the 20 hours I worked this weekend.
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We had our first "Major Quiz (sounds like an Exam to me)" in Bio today. We had a half-hour to take it, and then we turned them in and went over the answers.

I ONLY MISSED ONE!!! 121 out of an 125 point exam!

Relief. Sweet sweet relief.

From now on, you may address me as la biololgista. Thanks. ;)
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It is completely, irrefutably official: I am enrolled and attending the university. w00t!

I also got a letter today that said, while they're still processing my application, they need my updated transcript and my AP score from 1999 (even though I sent it to them way back when).


I am cautiously hopeful.

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