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The more I get into this evolution class, the more ridiculous intelligent design seems. Do people know there is MATH that backs this shit up???

Cool thing I learned about the Bible last night: God's covenant with Moses was set up like a legal document of the time. That's right; an actual legal document. I found that fascinating. We also talked a lot about how monotheism changed the focus of religion. In other words, the mark of a holy person was not what they did for God, but what they did for their fellow man. I've been mulling this thought over in my head. Is it true? I suppose one could make that argument, yet in all the texts we've read so far (2nd Kings/ story of David) always have someone doing something in the name of the Lord-and there are the parts in which someone sins against God who gets pissed off and punishes a whole people. The whole Book of Judges is like this: the people are good, then the people sin, then there is a war and they are taken into slavery, then the people pray and repent, then a judge raises up and saves them, they are greatful, and then the whole cycle starts right back up again. I've been thinking about examples like this and if they prove/disprove what the rabbi said about focus changing from God to people and how they treat others.

Another interesting observation made by someone in class was that belief in one, all powerful God is hard because if something bad happened to you, than it must be your fault (instead of the your god of war not being powerful enough to save you, etc.)

Thoughts? I found last night's class really thought provoking in a lot of ways.

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