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[ profile] drexplosivo and I have decided to put in apps on the apartment on Wilshire.


I will be heartbroken now if we don't get it.

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I will be presenting my spring break adventures back to front, starting with the last days and moving toward the first. Each will have a poem and accompanying photos. So, without further ado...

The Path to the Milky Way Leads Through Los Angeles )
-- Joy Harjo, 2000

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Can you handle the Griffith Observatory? )
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Much to the rest of county's dismay, spring has sprung in southern CA. It's tank top and sandals weather, and I took full advantage of the beautiful, warm, dry surroundings. The tree in my front yard and its cousins in the park across the street have about a three week window when they bloom. I've been drawn to photograph them, for whatever reason. As you can see, my time was drawing short; the new leaves were already starting to hedge out the blossoms.

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This is the tree in my father's front yard. The small flowers drop their white round petals like gentle snow in the spring. Since it was windy today I had petals all over my clothes and hair. It was quite lovely.

More huge pictures for those who like pretty trees )

I am a rank amateur, but one that likes taking pictures. ;)

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