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Dec. 18th, 2015 09:54 am
ladyjendifi: (Bike)
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Debt.. Debt Never Changes...

We are all completely floored and amazed by the amount of attention this is receiving, and by the incredible generosity being shown to our friend. Words cannot express our gratitude to each and every one of you who have shared this story, or sent well-wishes, or given your own caps to help. Very special thanks, of course, to Mr. Pete Hines for his astonishing gift; it resulted in several grown folks crying at work as we reached the funding goal!

This goal, while ambitious, is really just the tip of the iceberg. The amount that will be owed in medical bills is unknown at this point. However, considering EMS transport, scans, x-rays, surgery, and a few nights in the hospital, it is safe to say that costs will be high -- even before any follow-up treatment or therapy.

There is a common misconception that Ben would be able to "sue for damages." While technically true, it would be fruitless in this instance. The driver had no insurance, and no discernable assets. With that, any judgment awarded by a court would be meaningless, since you can't get compensation from someone who doesn't have it to give. That is why we are doing this -- not to enrich, but to simply make our friend whole. To ensure that he is not made destitute by a freak accident, and to make certain that he can receive the care he needs to get back in action.

To that end, we will be keeping this open to allow additonal donations. Please keep sharing this story, and keep pulling for Ben. It means so much to him, and to all of his friends, that you care. Again, thanks to everyone who has made this possible! We are truly indebted to you all. Because debt...debt never changes...

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