Jan. 25th, 2013

Weigh in!

Jan. 25th, 2013 06:22 am
ladyjendifi: (Bike)
Starting weight: 228.8
Last week's weight: 183.2
Current weight: 180.8
This week's loss: -2.4
Total loss: 48.0
STG: 170

Sweet! Food was entirely on track this week; I think I scored 100% as far as that's concerned. I even got out of a Tuesday night burner meetup consuming no alcohol and no fried foods. Huzzah! When the family news came in Monday, I was very tempted to walk down to Whole Foods and get supplies to make cookies. Instead I blended frozen mangoes with soy milk and had a small helping of 'ice cream'. Its really nice to be in a place where I can recognize stress eating for what it is, and take steps not to fall in that trap. 

My ass got smaller this week. I know that sound
bizarre, but its true. I was taking off some pants when suddenly I felt....less of me. This is such a trip sometimes

Training for the century has proven a tad bumpier than I would like. I got a professional bike fit on Monday, and when they swiped my credit card it didn't go through. They held my bike hostage until the next day when I was able to borrow some money to get that taken care of. I rode in to work Wednesday without incident but got a flat coming home. :( Got the flat fixed yesterday after work, and now its raining. I'm thinking about riding in anyhow; we'll see how I feel after breakfast

I really want to do this century, but in light of this week's events, I'm feel less than confident. Hopefully I can just power through and make the next two weeks really count....and make this tube last until payday when I can get gator skins for my tires. Stupid hobo village with glass strewn everywhere.

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